60 Years of


History of the Saints starts in the 1950s with the arrival of the American army in St Germain. At that time, there were two baseball teams – The Foxy’s and the Boccara. The Camp des loges was then an American army basecamp on which a baseball field had been settled.
In 1964, the American army left St Germain after having rebuilt on the current Fete des loges location a typical US City with Main street, a rodeo field, …
To thank St Germain for its warm welcome, the teams are invited for a trip in the US. The Foxy’s and Boccara fly to the Yankee Stadium to play against the Yankees. The match outcome is pretty clear, 60 to 0…
In 1969, Foxy’s handed over to Stade Germanois which then became the first official baseball club registered with the FFB (Federation Fran├žaise de Baseball) from St Germain en Laye.
Saints baseball is the oldest baseball club in Yvelines and the second one from Ile de France (after the Paris University Club – PUC, created in 1965)